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Bespoke Dials

Grönefeld is able to offer a vast choice of coloured and patterned dials. The dials are engine-turned, sometimes referred to as guilloché dials. This process confers each dial with its own unique appearance. To augment the allure of the engine-turned patterns, another even more exclusive technique can be applied, enamelling. The colourful and transparent enamel is applied to the dial surface to bestow a profound depth and lustre to the guilloché patterns.

The words ‘engine turned’ might suggest that a computer-aided machine is used to make the patterns, but nothing is further from the truth. The dials are actually made on a century old machine. Every decorative line is made at very slow speed by deft hand and the skilful precision of a well-trained eye. It actually takes a few days of painstaking and patient effort to produce just one guilloché dial. Bespoke series are available in a Stainless Steel, Red Gold or White Gold case.

After the launch in 2016 the 1941 Remontoire has been awarded 5 times! In November 2016 Grönefeld won again the prestigious Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève award. This time the prize they’ve won was for the best watch in the “Mens Watch” category.

place your order € 63.350 in White Gold Case and Bespoke Enamel dial (excluding taxes)

place your order € 57.490 in Stainless Steel Case and Bespoke Enamel dial (excluding taxes)

A movement for purists

From the outset, Bart and Tim always envisaged the Grönefeld 1941 Remontoire as a watch intended to appeal to the most discerning of watch collectors. It was therefore imperative that the movement was befitting of such a timepiece, appealing to the exacting requirements of purists. The stainless steel bridges replicate the facades of the Dutch houses, termed 'bell gables' and reference the homeland of the Horological Brothers, Bart and Tim. The bridges are hand-beveled, evincing a brilliant gleam, while the centres deliver a sublime contrast with their micro-blasted surfaces, adorned with relief engraving.

The new 5-arm, double spoke gear train wheels exhibit a contemporary character, but their circular grained surfaces pay due reverence to fine watchmaking tradition. The movement includes a balance wheel with white gold timing screws and is equipped with a free-sprung over-coil hairspring with triangular stud. Gold chatons stand testament to the no-compromise specification of this movement whilst mirror polished screws feature chamfered rims and slots. Numerous surfaces glisten, courtesy of mirror-polishing which has been patiently executed by time-served hands. The inventory of different surface decorations will sate the desires of any purist and include snailed, grained, spotted and frosted surfaces.

A movement for purists

Technical specifications


Movement dimensions Diameter: 32,0 mm. Thickness: 5,5 mm
Number of parts 258 parts
Power reserve 35 hours with constant force (stop system)
Number of jewels 36 jewels, partially set in solid gold chatons
Remontoire To optimize time keeping a small hairspring is wound every 8 seconds to guarantee a constant force for the escapement. A complex satellite gearing mechanism with hypocycloidal gears, twin ball bearings, pinions and jewelled levers, achieve this.
Balance wheel Variable-inertia balance wheel with four white gold timing screws (diameter 10 mm)
Frequency 21.600 vibrations/hour
Balance spring Free sprung with Phillips terminal over coil curve with triangle hairspring stud
Escapement Jewelled Swiss lever
Main Plate Spotted and ruthenium electroplated brass main plate
Bridges Stainless steel, bevels polished by hand, micro-blasted centre
Circular grain on the top to highlight the bridges shapes and engravings
Relief engraved Grönefeld logo, number of jewels and eight seconds remontoire
Hacking seconds In setting mode the hacking seconds mechanism will be activated

Case and dial

Number of components 66 parts
Case White Gold Au750 (Non Rhodium plated) or Stainless Steel
Domed sapphire crystal on the front with hard anti reflective coating on both sides
Flat sapphire crystal on the back with hard anti reflective coating on both sides
Engraving: Grönefeld and the individual number
8 White gold security screws
Case dimensions Diameter: 39,5 mm
Thickness: 10,5 mm
Water resistance 3 atmospheres – 30 meters – 100 feet
Crown Case matching material, engraved with The Horological Brothers logo
Dial Hand made engine turned / guilloché dial. Center and subdial made in gold and filled with translucent enamel
Indicators Hours, minutes and small seconds
Governor speed regulator at 9 o’clock
Hands Extended Lancette hands. Polished steel and mirror polished centres. Small poised seconds hand
Strap Hand-sewn alligator leather strap
Buckle Case matching material pin buckle and engraved with Grönefeld logo

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Making the best watches in the world. We love every aspect of it. Coming up with new ideas together, bringing them to life in a design that captures the imagination, working with infinite patience to achieve perfection: it is a blessing to be able to work together every day with so much pleasure.

Making the best watches in the world. We love every aspect of it. Coming up with new ideas together, bringing them to life in a design that captures the imagination, working with infinite patience to achieve perfection: it is a blessing to be able to work together every day with so much pleasure.